we all like to think people are interested in our products and services. unfortunately,  things don’t work that way. most people don’t care who you are. you need to change that. marketing is about two-way communication, and most messages from contemporary business only go out. despite what they say in customer policies and mission statements, […]

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volunteer sector

the volunteer sector is a hard work. despite your best efforts most people don’t know who you are, what you represent, and the worthwhile benefits you provide for the community. on top of these difficulties are the added hurdle of tight budgets, low staff numbers (probably because of those budgets), and not enough time. all […]

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constant feed is about providing information, for you, your customers, anyone you think needs it.

we work with you to determine your information needs, and how you want it delivered.

unlike many consultancies we offer you a choice – we can ensure you are always fed with the information you need, or we can teach you to feed yourself.

it’s up to you – just like it should be.